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Stickland ADR provides private mediation, arbitration, and consulting services in Arizona.

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Why Choose Stickland ADR?

You want a definitive solution to your matter. So does Stickland ADR. As a seasoned attorney, Christopher Stickland’s only goal is to find a fair, efficient, and final solution to your matter. His experience as a lead trial attorney, as a supervisor of outside counsel, and several years serving as Judge Pro Tempore in Phoenix combine to deliver a trusted opinion that both parties will respect. Christopher is also a member of the Arizona Chapter of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals

With a history specializing in Bodily Injury, Property Damage, and Bad Faith matters, Christopher has supervised the handling of insurance litigation in multiple states across the west coast. He has handled and settled many files valued above $1,000,000. In his dealings, the parties involved find him to be:


Mediation and Arbitration Services in Phoenix

With over twenty-two years of civil litigation practice, Christopher Stickland brings a unique and fresh perspective to his mediation and arbitration services at Stickland ADR. That perspective is supported by his substantial experience and knowledge gained from litigating and overseeing personal injury, property damage, and bad faith cases over many years.

Christopher is dedicated to working through the many obstacles facing both sides in a matter. Above all he is committed to helping both sides find a solution whether through mediation, arbitration, or consultation. His most important case is your case. To schedule an initial consultation to discuss your alternative dispute resolution problem, contact Stickland ADR today at 602-999-8121.





Stickland ADR provides mediation services at in-person proceedings or via Zoom, whatever the interested parties prefer


When it comes to arbitration matters, Chris Stickland can serve as a panel arbitrator or a single arbitrator.


Need to establish the strength of your case? Stickland ADR provides consultation services to plaintiff or defense counsel.

Public Legal Consultation Services

Although Alternate Dispute Resolution is the focus of the Stickland ADR practice, Christopher also provides consultation services for the general public who believe they have a dispute regarding one of the following:

Personal Injury

Property Damage

An Insurance Claim Issue

A Business Loss Claim

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To schedule an initial consultation to discuss your alternative dispute resolution problem, contact Stickland ADR today at 602-999-8121 or use the form below. If you are ready to proceed and arrange your matter, check our fees and schedule for availability.