Stickland ADR Fees

Mediation and Arbitration are more affordable remedies than litigation in a state or federal court; the process is much more efficient.

Mediation, Arbitration and Consultation Rate: $350/Hour

ADR fees vary greatly. Our ADR fee is very competitive – $350/hour. Chris Stickland also has a reputation for expediency and efficiency, after all our tagline is “Let’s Find a Solution.” We encourage the involved parties to come to an agreeable resolution as efficiently as possible.

Unless otherwise noted by counsel, billing will be split equally among the parties represented by separate counsel, with a statement sent to each of the parties at the end of the hearing. Participation in the hearing will constitute your acceptance of that responsibility.

Initial Consultation

The initial discussion between Christopher Stickland and the involved parties prior to the date of mediation is not billed. Stickland ADR may be willing to discuss Flat Fee Arrangements given the type of case and the number of parties – please contact us to discuss that possibility.

Cancellation Policy

If the matter is rescheduled prior to 48 hours before the hearing, no fee will be assessed. In the event that a matter is canceled, Stickland ADR will charge a $700 cancellation fee. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact Stickland ADR

To schedule an initial consultation to discuss your alternative dispute resolution matter and our ADR fees, contact Stickland ADR today at 602-999-8121.