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Public Legal Consultation Services

Public Legal Consultation Services

As an ADR (alternate dispute resolution) practice, our business focuses on the provision of mediation and arbitration services. The parties that usually engage our services are often personal injury lawyers or insurance companies. These parties are looking for a neutral third-party mediator or arbitrator to help find a solution to the dispute before the matter finds its way to a state or federal court in litigation.

Although that is the focus of our law practice, we also provide legal consultation services for the general public who believe they have a dispute regarding one of the following:

An Insurance Claim Issue
Personal Injury
A Business Loss Claim
Property Damage

Do You Have a Case?

The first thing to quickly establish is if you have a case. Whether you have a case (or not) can usually be ascertained through an initial phone consultation with Christopher Stickland to gain your side of the story, and to establish the facts as you see them. The facts are the “who, when, what, where, and why” of the case. Of course, “facts” can be seen differently by different parties. But we would need to understand the history of the dispute from your side to establish if there is the possibility of a successful case there.

If Christopher believes that you do have a case, we will then move on from there in one of two ways. Christopher can decide to either handle the case personally or suggest that your particular case would be better handled by another lawyer with different specialisms. If the latter is the case, then Christopher will refer you over to a lawyer better qualified to handle your case.

Contact Stickland ADR

If you believe that you have a dispute regarding one of the matters listed above, please contact Stickland ADR today at 602-999-8121 to discuss your case. Your initial consultation will not be billed.